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Sonion offers a unique expertise in balanced armature drivers and application knowledge. We are able to bring the sound quality of your consumer grade wireless earphone up to professional levels.

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TypeDescriptionPortMax outputVolumeSensitivityRDCResponse Curve
31D005/8Small woofer with a big sound. Vented: less defined, more bass.--90.1114.524Standard
31A007Smallest "no compromise" woofer. Accurate and fast. A bit lean.--90.1114.524Standard
26A007/9Small full range with a big bass sound--41101.540Standard
26A005/8Full range with emphasis on bass and lower midrange--4110724Standard
26A005Lean full range, colored frequency response like a tube amplifier--4110224Standard
23×47/8Warm sounding full range driver. Sounds like a ported bookshelf speaker--8011214
2367HFHigh impedance variant of the 2356HF--80103.550Standard
23592356 with an alternative spout position (12jd)--80106.526Standard
2356HFVery pleasant sounding full range driver. Great balance and Halogen free PCB--80106.526Standard
2356Very pleasant sounding full range driver. Great balance and everyone loves it.--80106.526Standard
2354Tweeter which doubles as an analytic full range driver--80106.54Standard
26-E25WT02/9Small 2-way plug 'n play module. Extended high freq. output--100109.540
2323Tweeter which doubles as an analytic full range driver--80109.54Standard
17A003Intelligible and clear sounding driver for single earphone applications--181.2110.510.5-

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