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The CS 43/44/45 systems have been a market standard since 1990. Since then we have been market leaders in developing systems and connector systems.

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  • Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids and Hearables
  • Multi-functional in-ear devices
  • Surveillance/security communication radios
  • Military communication
  • Sonion Steel Series X RIC platform
  • Sonion V-RIC
  • Sonion BiometRIC
  • Sonion Loose-Wire Cables
Micro connections
  • Fits the Plugs CS 43/44/45
  • Small mechanical dimensions
  • Flexible or rigid terminals
  • SMD version available
Micro connections
  • Fits the Sockets CS 43/44/45
  • Flexible cable with molded strain relief
  • Angled of straight plugs
Micro connections
  • For use with Insert Socket Modules CS 73/74
  • Standardized cable and clip module
  • Easily exchangable and cost effective flex strip
Micro connections

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