Environmental, Social and Governance

At Sonion, we want to act as a responsible company whether we talk about people or the environment.

We want to take social responsibility and be an organization on which all of our stakeholders can rely – be it customers, shareholders, employees, or the whole community. We have therefore outlined Sonion’s Environmental, Social and Governance.

Here you can find our ESG Policy and latest annual ESG Report, as well as our Code of Conduct.

Speak up – Sonion Whistleblower Line

In Sonion we support and encourage open and honest communication and we encourage you to come forward if you suspect or believe serious misconduct in Sonion. The Sonion Whistleblower Line enables employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report their concerns about potential issues or concerns related to our business ethics or our Code of Conduct in a confidential and anonymous manner.

You can access the Sonion Whistleblower Line here.

The Sonion Whistleblower Line is available in several languages. Reports in the system are done through an externally-hosted internet portal and reporters may choose to remain anonymous. The Sonion Whistleblower Line is operated in accordance with the Sonion Whistleblower Policy.

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