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Advanced Audio+

Sonion develops and manufactures innovative, efficient & high quality micro-acoustic solutions, including the smallest Balanced Armature drivers, the best MEMS Microphones, the most innovative (biometric) sensors & wireless coils for the Consumer, Pro Audio, Hearables and Communications market.

Hearing Health

Sonion is a global leader in designing and manufacturing components and solutions for hearing instruments to improve people’s quality of life. Sonion’s extensive knowledge in application engineering makes us the perfect technology partner for all your latest product designs.



Discover the power of the Electrostatic Tweeter


Sonion Voice Pick Up Sensor: Finds your voice in the noise!

Why Sonion?

Sound Quality

Passion to optimize our designs for excellent sound quality!

Acoustic Design

Knowledge within acoustic modelling and development has resulted in a broad product range and unique Sonion solutions.

Product Development

Strong track record in a continuous stream of product launches to the market.

System Integration

Continuous drive to integrate system functionality in a miniature package.

Operational Excellence

World class cost effective setup enabling us to be your preferred manufacturing partner for high volume production.

Mechanical Design

Fast prototyping, 3D printing and State of the Art molding capabilities.

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