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A good tweeter is “the icing on the cake” of a good earphone. We are proud that our 2300 is the industry standard for custom in-ear monitors. The E25T super tweeter was recently born out of the E-series of drivers. This is a great choice for universal fit 2 or 3 drivers earphones.

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E25ST001/DSmall low impedance super tweeter. Works from 5 kHz up to 18 kHz!28.5100.510
E50DT0005/DDual super tweeter for high end applications from 3 kHz and up!46.91065.5
EST65SA01Brings electrostatics inside the ear canal without the need for an external amplifier.16+200-4.5
EST65DA01Dual electrostatic tweeter with push-pull operation for more output and less distortion. Incl. amplifier.32+200-4.5
E25ST002/DSmall super tweeter. Works from 5 kHz up to 18 kHz!28.596.521
2389Hotter version of the 2323. Flatter response!80109.452
2323Tweeter which doubles as an analytic full range driver80109.54

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