Passive Telecoils

Passive Telecoils

Small Size – High Performance
  • Flanged telecoils
  • Variety of sensitivities and inductances
  • Coating options for maximum coil protection
  • Wide variety of dimensions possible

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TypeDescriptionSensitivity 1khzInductanceRDCDiameterLengthCoatingWires
T 33 AB 14-58.427520301.956.00StandardFlanges
T 35 AA 21-60.423522502.405.00BlackFlanges
T 41 AA 07-57.839827402.803.85SolidBody
T 42 AA 21-63.018621301.754.85StandardFlanges
T 45 AA 31-63.016019501.715.10SolidFlanges
T 46 AA 31-54.074555002.405.56StandardFlanges
T 48 AA 39-53.052542401.408.90StandardFlanges
T 49 AA 38-57.075065802.802.80StandardBody
T 10 AA 01-55.727522001.787.61StandardFlanges
T 10 AB 01-57.220015001.787.61StandardFlanges
T 20 AF 03-59.41208752.107.00StandardFlanges
T 20 AF 12-59.41208752.107.00StandardFlanges
T 20 AG 12-51.230515252.0010.2StandardFlanges
T 20 AI 13-61.41247152.005.9StandardFlanges
T 22 AA 01-60.51409002.246.35StandardFlanges
T 22 AB 01-57.227018002.246.35StandardFlanges
T 22 AC 01-53.952033502.246.35StandardFlanges
T 22 AC 21-53.952033502.456.35SolidFlanges
T 23 AA 01-59.517517501.786.35StandardFlanges
T 24 AB 01-48.485037002.248.89StandardFlanges
T 24 AD 01-66.315612.248.89StandardFlanges
T 28 AA 07-64.310512502.113.61StandardBody
T 28 AD 09-62.020021752.113.61StandardBody
T 30 AA 01-60.717519001.785.40StandardFlanges
T 31 AA 01-59.428022001.785.40StandardFlanges
T 31 AB 01-72.5141621.785.40StandardFlanges
T 33 AA 01-57.037728251.806.00StandardFlanges
T 33 AB 01-58.427520301.706.00StandardFlanges

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