2800 Receiver

The 2800 Receiver

High efficiency dual power
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.05 x 5.10 mm
  • Great fit rate for Power ITE applications
  • Highest efficiency in it’s class
  • Based on proven 2600-line technology

Max output: 5%THD in 2CC coupler. Sensitivity: 0.35mVA in 2CC coupler.

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TypeDescriptionPortMax outputVolumeSensitivityRDCResponse Curve
28UA01-12s119.084.2107.0100 / 25Standard
28UA01GGround12s119.084.2107.0100 / 25Standard
28UA03-12s119.084.2107.0240 / 60Standard
28UA05-12s119.084.2107.0360 / 90Standard
28UAP01Parallel12s119.084.2107.0- / 25Standard
28UAP01GParallel - Ground12s119.084.2107.0- / 25Standard
28UAS01Series12s119.084.2107.0100 / -Standard

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