Sonion’s BiometRIC™ equips RIC-style hearing instruments with real-time, continuous medical-grade monitoring inside the ear canal.

Statistically, hearing aid users tend to be at an increased risk of cardiovascular conditions. The BiometRIC™ is an unobtrusive and highly accurate solution that can help detect illnesses early, resulting in fewer complications and lower medical costs.

Available soon.

Vital signs

Measures heart rate and heart rate variability (R-R interval). More applications to be added in the future.

Highly accurate

Uses Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals and versatile automatic preprocessing to produce robust and highly accurate measurements.


Data remains robust in a wide variety of conditions, from everyday indoor activities to sport exercises.


Advanced algorithms developed by Valencell process incoming data in real-time to continuously monitor vital signs

Small & power-efficient

Designed for fast and easy fitting in hearing instruments. Extremely power-efficient.

Ideal location

In the ear is the best location to measure with PPG: high perfusion, less movement and lack of sunlight


“Activity trackers may support behavior change through education and feedback about baseline and ongoing physical activity levels and the ensuing increase in accountability.”

Dr Lisa Gualtieri

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