Active Telecoils

Active Telecoils

Small Size – High Performance
  • Telecoil with amplifier
  • Complies with Nordic Standard requirements
  • Coating options for maximum coil protection
  • Wide variety of sizes possible

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TypeDescriptionSensitivity 1khzEquivalent noiseMax lengthMax widthCoating
TA 20 AD 01-49.530.04.802.34Standard
TA 20 AD 11-49.530.04.802.34Black
TA 20 AD 21-49.530.05.522.39Solid
TA 20 AE 01-49.530.04.802.34Standard
TA 20 AE 03-49.530.04.802.34Standard
TA 20 AE 21-49.530.05.522.39Solid
TA 20 CE 01-55.531.04.802.34Standard
TA 32 CE 21-54.534.54.901.90Solid
TA 33 CE 01-54.534.54.701.85Standard

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