2014Sonion partners with InvenSense on MEMS microphones. In July, it becomes official that Sonion will change ownership to a Danish company, Novo A/S, which is one of the key players in the international life science investment industry. The deal is closed by August, 2014.
2013Sonion inaugurates its new 11,000 sq m production facility in Manila, the Philippines.
2012Sonion divests Sonion Medical to Ferrosan Medical Devices. This also involves a rearranging of activities among the Sonion companies. Sonion Netherlands is going through a strong development having 50 R&D employees in 2009 to increasing to 130 in 2012.
2011Sonion transfers the Plastic Molding Center production from Denmark to the factory in Vung Tau, Vietnam.
2010Sonion opens a 2,500 sq m factory in Vung Tau City – its second factory in Vietnam.
2009Altor Fund III acquires the MedTech Group from Technitrol. Sonion is reestablished as an independent company with a core focus on hearing instruments, medical devices and advanced audio applications.
2008Sonion is acquired by Technitrol, an American company. Following this acquisition, Sonion merges as an independent MedTech Group with Technitrol’s electronic components business segment, operating under the name of “Pulse”, resulting in Sonion name change to Pulse.
2006Sonion opens a new factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For the following two years, the majority of the Polish production is relocated to Vietnam. Sonion retains a facility in Poland to manufacture components for medical devices.
2005Sonion starts producing transducer products in non-hearing instrument applications. The new customers include manufacturers of in-ear earphones and advanced headsets.
2004Sonion acquires AKG Acoustics and establishes a division in Suzhou II, China.
2003Sonion now has three business areas: Hearing Instrument Components; Medical Device Components and Mobile Terminal Components. The latter includes the activities of the former Kirk Acoustics organization in addition to Sonion’s growing MEMS microphone activities. To meet the growing demand for hearing instrument components, a second factory is opened in Mierzyn, Poland.
2001The production of high volume transducers for mobile handsets is relocated from Denmark to Suzhou, China.
2000The private equity funds Polaris and Nordic Capital buy Microtronic A/S. Shortly after, the Danish company Kirk Acoustics is acquired for its ability to supply high volume transducers to mobile handsets. The company name changes to Sonion.
1999The US sales office moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to be closer to the facilities of the majority of hearing aid manufacturersThe total number of employees worldwide is now 850 people.
1998The production of switches moves from, the newly acquired, Viennatone in Austria to Microtronic in Poland and Denmark.
1996 Microtronic Polska is founded in Szczecin, Poland. In the years following, production is transferred from Denmark and the Netherlands to Poland.
1995Microtronic A/S acquires Microtel and PIAC including 200 employees, in the Netherlands, and it is renamed Microtronic Netherlands. Microtronic A/S establishes a U.S. sales office in Chicago, under the name Sonion US Inc.
1993Microtronic A/S is appointed global distributor of the Dutch company Microtel, which develops and manufactures transducer products for hearing instruments. The first assembly processes are transferred to Poland.
1992N.C Nielsen Holding sells Microtronic A/S to NPE Investment Advisors A/S. Microtronic A/S closes down Micro Electric A/S and takes over the sales of switches from Viennatone.
1990Microtronic A/S acquires Micro Electric in Switzerland to supply them with switches. The number of employees in Denmark increases to 250 people.
1989Per W. Nielsen is hired to be CEO of Microtronic A/S.
1988Jørgen Weber Jensen leaves Microtronic A/S. The company is taken over by a group of financial investors; N.C Nielsen Holding.
1984Jørgen Weber Jensen becomes the sole owner of Microtronic A/S. The company increases to 100 employees.
1979Microtronic A/S moves to the current location on Byleddet in Roskilde, Denmark and within a year has 50 employees.
1974 Jørgen Weber Jensen and Jens-Jørn Stockholm founded Microtronic A/S. For years they worked from within a small apartment in Roskilde, Denmark.