Voice Pick Up Sensor (VPU)

What if you can implement reliable voice recognition in your application that is not hindered by surrounding noise at all? Even in the most difficult conditions: in a crowded restaurant, on the train or while listening to music.

Sonion’s Voice Pick Up Sensor allows you to do just that! Unlike a regular MEMS microphone, it relies on bone vibriation detection to accurately and reliably pick up one’s own voice among all other sounds. Like magic.

Finds your voice in the noise

The VPU sensor enables high-quality hands-free phone calls, voice commands and even real-time translation in the noisiest environments.

Own voice detection

The VPU sensor only detects your own voice. In combination with smart algorithms, this makes it possible to wake-up a sleeping device in an extremely energy-efficient way.

High SNR

The combination of high bandwidth and low noise does not exist in the market yet.

Voice authentication

The VPU sensor can reliably recognise the voice of the wearer by scanning their unique bone vibration pattern. This allows actions that need secure identification, e.g. payments.

Small size

The VPU sensor is really small and can easily fit inside the ear canal. It can be placed anywhere in the wearable, allowing maximum design flexibility.

Hermetically sealed

The VPU sensor is hermetically sealed. This results in a very reliable component unhindered by dust, water and ear wax.

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