Sonion is bringing advanced Biometric technology to the ear – one of the best locations to measure biometrics due to high perfusion, limited movement and lack of sunlight.

The BiometRIC and the BE5.0 enable reliable monitoring of key health indicators to provide instant insight into users’ fitness and well-being. They can help identify early signs of cardiovascular conditions – the number one cause of death globally.

Sonion’s advanced Biometric technology is a tiny, low-energy sensor module that captures highly accurate Biometric measures using Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals. Placed inside the ear, it can perform prolonged motion-tolerant monitoring of key health indicators, including heartrate and heartrate variability. Measurements are collected in a wide variety of conditions, from everyday indoor activities to high-intensity sport exercises. Advanced algorithms developed by Valencell process the incoming data in real-time to provide instant feedback to the user.

Innovative hardware and sophisticated software come together
in one of the smallest and most accurate Biometric solutions on the market.


Equips RIC-style hearing instruments with continuous medical-grade monitoring inside the ear canal. Available soon.


A sensor module that adopts a small modular design to fit inside wired and TWS earbuds and other hearables.

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