H40 BA Driver

Small full-range Balanced Armature (BA) driver designed specifically for the high volume consumer audio market. The H40 provides a warm sound and a solid bass fundament unmatched by receivers this small.

Small Size = Longer battery life

BA’s are small and have a friendly form factor.  They can fit entirely inside the ear canal and can still play very loud, effectively taking up no space in the earphone.  This leaves more room for a larger battery.

Ideal for multi-driver designs

BA’s are small enough for multi driver designs. For example a BA woofer with BA tweeter or MC woofer and BA tweeter. If the goal is more than one driver, BA is the way to go.

Excellent sound quality

Nothing beats the sound quality of a BA receiver into an occluded ear. Crisp and smooth sounding hights. Good high-frequency extension. Spacious sound for live jazz or classical recordings. Detailed and un-masked.

Less outside noise

BA’s outperform Moving Coils in applications where the goal is isolation from noise: on stage, in the train, etc.

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