Benchmark Ear (BE) 4.0

Imagine you could perform highly accurate biometric measurements in a hearing aid, hearable or earphone.

Sonion’s BE4.0 is a ready-to-implement biometric sensor system small enough to fit in any hearable device and powerful enough to replace a number of larger, uncomfortable and expensive medical devices.

Highly accurate

The BE4.0 can perform chest strap quality optical heart rate measurements in the ear

Early identification reduces risks

Prevention strategies keep workers healthy and productive and help employers steer clear of economic losses from morbidity and mortality

Lower power consumption

The PerformTek powered BE4.0 Sensor System is an update to the BE2.0 biometric sensor technology developed by Valencell, Inc. to integrate a lower power processor

Continuous measuring of vital signs

The ear is one of the best places on the body to measure biometrics optically, which enables high degrees of accuracy and advanced use cases (like RRi, BP, etc.)

Tested and reliable

The system has been validated by Valencell’s biometric testlab with specific test protocols

Small size

The Benchmark sensor and PerformTek™ processor minimize space impact to the hearable design and provide design flexibility

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