Latest Advanced Audio+ Products

Voice Pick Up Sensor (VPU)

Sonion’s Voice Pick Up Sensor relies on bone vibriation detection to accurately and reliably pick up one’s own voice among all other sounds. Released

H40 Balanced Armature Driver

Small full-range BA driver designed specifically for the high volume consumer audio market, the H40 provides a warm sound and a solid bass fundament. Released

Benchmark Ear (BE) 4.0

The BE4.0 is a ready-to-implement biometric sensor system small enough to fit in any hearable device. Released

Electrostatic Tweeter (EST)

Sonion brings electrostatics inside the ear canal without the need for an external amplifier. Released

Hybrid Module

Sonion’s Hybrid Module combines the low frequency output of a dynamic driver with the high frequencies of a balanced armature driver. Coming Soon