2700 Hummingbird Receiver

A more natural-sounding receiver with more HF output and less magnetic radiation.

Fits more users with high frequency loss

Many HI users have hearing loss above 4kHz. Today’s instruments still have limitations in these frequency bands, often caused by limited output of the receiver

More natural sound signature

More bandwidth results in a more balanced sound signature, which is especially beneficial for music reproduction

Reduced magnetic radiation

The new cover construction reduces the magnetic radiation significantly versus the standard 2600 receiver

Better speech intelligibility in noisy situations

More max output between 3-6kHz will cover more speech cues and will improve speech intelligibility

Small receiver for medium power applications

Having a similar form factor as the 2600 receiver, the 2700 will fit into the same type of applications

3dB more max output in the first valley

More speech cues are covered with this small receiver: this improves the speech intelligibility

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