Mid-range and (Sub)Woofers

Multi-driver IEM’s require specialized drivers for low, mid and high frequencies. All of our balanced armature drivers are able to deliver mid-range frequencies, but some do it better than others. Here you’ll find our selection, together with a variety of single and dual armature woofers.





@500 Hz


17A003Smooth and powerful mids when used as midrange driver181.2110.510.5
17A006Smooth and powerful mids when used as midrange driver181.210760
17A007/9Fast tuned-vent woofer. Lot's of punch and definition.181.2109.525
2015 High headroom and big bass. Used as mid range drivers in some CIEM's276.3115*20
2091i Vented version of the 2015. It has a big, woody and powerful sound276.3117.511
2389DMidrange driver with good HF extension. Ideal for custom 3 way systems.1601168
26A005Small midrange for for more than 3-way CIEM's41102*24
26A005/8Small woofer that works for universal fit products4110724
26A007/9Small woofer that works for universal fit products41101.540
28UAP01Smooth sounding midrange for more than 3-way CIEM's84.2110*25 (parallel)
31A007Smallest "no compromise" woofer. Accurate and fast. A bit lean.90.1106.5*25
31D005/8 Small woofer with a big sound. Vented: less defined, more bass.90.1114.524
33AJ007i Sealed dual woofer. Precise and accurate. Helps with getting a "flat" sound180.311612 (parallel)
33AJ007i/8 Vented dual woofer. Warmer, fatter, less defined.180.312212 (parallel)
33AJ007i/9 Dual woofer with tuned vent. Emphasis on bass, but still precise.180.311612 (parallel)
35A007Small woofer, fast and precise. Works well as midrange too.90.1108.5*25
36A007/8cSmall but powerful woofer, half a 380090.111825
37A007Sealed dual woofer. Plays fast but not loud. A 3300 with a bit more body180.3116*12.5 (parallel)
38AJ007Mi/8aExtremely powerful dual woofer with convenient spout location.180.312512.5 (parallel)
38AM007Mi/8aExtremely powerful dual woofer. Plays well below your hearing threshold180.312512.5 (parallel)
38DJ007Mi/8aExtremely powerful dual woofer with screen damped spout for 2 way systems180.312112.5 (parallel)
38D1XJ007Mi/8aExtremely powerful subwoofer with Acupass® damped spout, ideal for 3 way systems180.311012.5 (parallel)

*) Measured in 2 cc coupler. Please refer to data sheet for exact measuring conditions.