Pro Audio

Balanced armature drivers are known for their quick response, giving them a more detailed sound signature compared to moving coils. Earphones with balance armatures generally have a wider and deeper sound stage. Sonion has a broad portfolio of balance armatures and we combine this with our extensive pro-audio application knowledge.

Family Features
Full-range Single Drivers
This is our selection of balanced armature drivers which are suited for single-driver earphones. Proficient in both bass and treble – and everything in between. These drivers are our picks for “when one should rule them all.
Full-range ModulesThis is our family of plug ‘n play 2-way modules. We took the liberty of putting a few of our outstanding single drivers together and tuned them to perfection – shortening your time-to-market. There are only 2 electrical connections and a single sound outlet to care about.
Midrange and (Sub)Woofers
Multi-driver IEM’s require specialized drivers for low, mid and high frequencies. All of our balanced armature drivers are able to deliver mid-range frequencies, but some do it better than others. Here you’ll find our selection, together with a variety of single and dual armature woofers.
TweetersA good tweeter puts “the cherry on the pie” of a good earphone. We are proud that our 2300 is the industry standard for custom in-ear monitors. The E25T super tweeter was recently born out of the E-series of drivers. This is a great choice for universal fit 2 or 3 drivers earphones.
Sound DampersThese ABS sound dampers can be positioned the driver tube to dampen the acoustic output of the driver. The exact position in the tube determines the efficiency of the damper. The housing color identifies the acoustic resistance.