Connector Systems

The CS 43/44/45 programming systems have been a market standard since 1990. Since then we have been market leaders in developing programming systems and connector systems for RIC/RITE hearing instruments.

Name Features
Sockets CS 43/44/45• Fits the Plugs CS 43/44/45
• Small mechanical dimensions
• Flexible or rigid terminals
• SMD version available
Plugs CS 43/44/55• Suitable for programming applications
• Fits the Sockets CS 43/44/45
• Flexible cable with molded strain relief
• Angled of straight plugs
Cable Assemblies• HI-Pro and NOAH link programming cables
• Available with CS 43/44/45 and mini-DIN plug
• Customer specific electrical configurations available
CS 53/54• For use with Insert Socket Modules CS 73/74
• No need for removing battery door during programming
• Connects to CS 44 HI-Pro/NOAH link cable
CS 63/64• For use with Insert Socket Modules CS 73/74
• Standardized cable and clip module
• Easily exchangable and cost effective flex strip
• Hi-Pro/NOAH link compatible
CS 73/74• Replaceable snap-in module
• Use with CS 53/54 and CS 63/64 Adaptors
• Space saving – no need for programming socket
• Fits in any ITE or BTE application

Application Notes