Sonion has a proven track record in developing and manufacturing innovative, efficient and high quality micro acoustic and micro mechanical solutions for the Hearing Aid and Pro Audio markets. The Hearables Market is where the competences for both industries come together. We have the high-end actuators and sensors that give your hearable that “science-fiction” feel that consumers are craving for.

Family Features
Balanced Armature DriversSonion offers a unique expertise in balanced armature drivers and application knowledge. We are able to bring the sound quality of your consumer grade wireless earphone up to professional levels.
MicrophonesHere you will find: High performance MEMS microphones. A range of cylindrical and square electret condenser microphones. Noise cancelling microphones etc. Everything for your hearable application.
Bone Conduction Actuators and SensorsBone conducting actuators and sensors can be found in a broad range of applications, like hearing aids and communication, fitness- and lifestyle devices. Our bone conduction sensor is able to pick up speech from the wearer without picking up environmental noise.
NFMI AntennasHearing aid grade near-field magnetic induction antenna’s for a stable communication between left and right applications.