Sonion offers a variety of products to suit professional and advanced communication applications. All our products are rigorously tested and qualified for use in rough environments with regards to humidity, mechanical shock and changing temperatures.

Family Features
Balanced Armature ReceiversIn high-end radio communication equipment, Sonion’s miniature receivers are ideal for in-ear applications and discrete solutions. A large selection of our receivers can withstand mechanical shock of up to 14,000 g and are therefore suitable for use in rough application environments.
MicrophonesHere you’ll find: High performance MEMS microphones. A range of cylindrical and square electret condenser microphones. Noise cancelling microphones. Etc. Everything for wireless, lavalier or headset applications.
Bone Conduction Actuators and Sensors Bone conducting actuators and sensors can be found in a broad range of applications, like hearing aids and communication, fitness- and lifestyle devices. Our bone conduction sensor is able to pick up speech from the wearer without picking up environmental noise.
NFMI AntennasHearing aid grade near-field magnetic induction antenna’s for a stable communication between left and right applications.
Sound DampersThese ABS sound dampers can be positioned inside the driver tubing to dampen the acoustic output of the driver. The exact position in the tube determines the efficiency of the damper, and the housing color identifies the acoustic resistance.