Certifications - A Crucial Factor

Sonion's Quality Assurance activities are integrated into all business processes from development over production processes to after sales services processes.

Quality - ISO 9001

A high level of product and process quality is extremely important to our customers. Consequently, quality is a crucial factor in all aspects of our business. We create high performance components and solutions in miniature size and we manufacture them in high volumes.

In the development process, the production process and in the sales process we go through several quality assessments, targeting the highest standard of quality and reliability to the benefit of our customers.

Environment and Employees - ISO 14001

Caring about our employees and the environment is important to us. Although only officially certified according to the ISO 14001 standard in Vietnam, we live up to the requirements in the Environment standard ISO 14001 at all sites thus making sure that we run a sustainable business.

Country ISO 9001

ISO 14001

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